During the last couple of years there have been many proponents and opponents for Europe and the EU in general. Many people have luckily seen and experienced the benefits that Europe brings to its countries and citizens.


However, a number of people feels that the Europe only costs money and spends more money than it should on trivial matters. Though these are subjective opinions of people and it’s hard to deny them their right of speech, we can however show some simple facts that will hopefully make you think otherwise.

Below you can find a short summary of some myths and facts about the EU budget with a brief explanation. For a more detailed list and in-depth information please visit the official EU website.

Myth: “The EU budget is enormous!”

Facts: The EU budget is far from enormous when compared to the total sum of the individual countries of the EU. While the EU budget was about €140,- billion in 2011, the combined revenue of all the states together was €6300,- billion.

Myth: “The EU budget is constantly on the rise – whereas national governments reduce their spending!”

Facts: The national governments are not decreasing their spending; in fact they are INcreasing it. In 2012 almost 24 out of 27 countries were increasing their spending according to local estimations.